The Corona Virus Crisis

How do we help in Cameroon and around the world?
During this unprecedented global crisis, we are using creativity, collaboration and hard work to help stop the spread of corona virus and keep our community healthy.

Here is the latest and most important information about our efforts and our company.

La lutte contre la covid se poursuit...

Let's not let our guard down!

LETS'move forward!!!

Let's look forward, together and with faith. .


Let's protect ourselves and others. Together we can!

Protégeons notre communnauté

Following the massive demand since yesterday afternoon, we decided to triple our capacity as of monday. The capacity of 1,000 pcs/dr initially planned will rise to 3,000 pcs/jr. Right now our teams are in the kitchen to prepare what is needed. We pray that these efforts will help protect more people and contribute effectively to the fight against this pandemic. Many thanks to our medical staff who work hard to protect us.

Reflection on Made-In-Cameroon

Reflection on Made-In-Cameroon

So much talent among our Cameroonian designers!!! 🤩🤩Why, then, can no #madeincameroon clothing brand manage to establish itself on the national market or international? 🤔
N'konen; Africa Home – Cameroon; Noirata; Kweni_clothing; Enjoy Yourself; I am'"; Koas Cameroon; WAX Justabi; Vanessa's creations – VanAfro; IDIBA; Ethnicgeneration; Per-Aa; Maryel couture; Mbokogangofficial;; ANOFEL WEAR

just to name a few…

About Tadjal

About Tadjal

An industrial textile company recognized in Cameroon and the sub-region for its quality work, BUETEC is at your service for all your needs of Confection, Embroidery or Screen printing. Since 2019 we have also been making the Afritude TADJAL brand available to you. BUETEC is also a family business founded in 1998 and now run by the second generation. We place a point of honor on the spirit of service, integrity and humility towards our customers and partners and within our team. Thank you for your faithful support for over 20 years. It is thanks to each of you that we remain at the service of Cameroon and the World.





Portrait of Madame Guemto Bettina

Portrait of Madame Guemto Bettina

We are so grateful having her. With her serving leadership, she managed to drive #buetec through the storm… Here is the story. #madeincameroon #tadjal #atyourservice #sograteful
Managing director of BUETEC BRODERIE, an exceptional industrialist who honors her late husband.


DAY PORTRAIT: Bettina GUEMTO-MICHAELIS, CEO of BUETEC BRODERIE, an exceptional industrialist who honors her late husband
Of German origin, Bettina GUEMTO-MICHAELIS arrives in Cameroon with her husband to set up an embroidery company. But following the death of her husband, Bettina will have to take over the company. "Thanks to my husband's phone I was able to run the company until then. Networking is worth more than money. Initially, François GUEMTO, a civil engineer of Cameroonian origin, lives with his wife in Germany. After several rounds in his native country, the latter is attracted by a market opportunity that is the sale of embroidered towels. He tells his wife who still wanted to live in Africa and the couple decides to return permanently to Cameroon.
BUETEC BRODERIE, the life project of the couple GUEMTO
After graduating in 1980 in Germany, Bettina GUEMTO-MICHAELIS specialized in in computer graphics and obtained a Certificate of Technician in Printing in 1986. Passionate about embroidery and printing, Bettina GUEMTO-MICHAELIS will follow other courses in computer graphics, design, printing, advertising space sales and commercial action from 1986 to 1998. She took these different trainings in Paqué-Druck, Ramstein in Germany before returning to Cameroon with her husband, François GUEMTO. 1998 was the year the couple returned to Cameroon.
François GUEMTO and his wife Bettina first created a small printing shop in 1999, copies that later became BUETEC BRODERIE. It is with a home machine that the couple begins. This machine will be replaced and reinforced by five others. Being alone at the time and market leader, the activity will grow considerably. Embroidered towels, BUETEC BRODERIE will move to the making of workwear, school outfits, caps and advertising aprons, conference bags, towels, hotel linen, T-shirts and 100% cotton polo shirts produced on site according to international methods and standards. BUETEC BRODERIE will also do industrial embroidery marking as well as screen printing.
At that time, Bettina GUEMTO-MICHAELIS held the position of Product and Quality Technical Manager. From 2008 to 2011, she was the Technical, Product and Quality Manager for the entire factory producing dyed mesh fabrics, tailoring, embroidery, screen printing and transfer. Unfortunately, in 2011, François GUEMTO, Founder of BUETEC BRODERIE, died.
Bettina GUEMTO-MICHAELIS rises to the challenge and honours her late husband despite the difficulties
Bettina GUEMTO-MICHAELIS takes over the reins of the company. It is thanks to her husband's phone that the new CEO will get by. "Networking is worth more than money," she says. With a workforce of 70 today, BUETEC BRODERIE has a factory in Douala. "When my husband died, it was necessary to learn how to run the business, to find my own vision and management style, and to manage a constantly tight cash flow. What allowed me to hold at the beginning, is simply an inner certainty, that I have a place in this company in Cameroon, and that it was necessary to make efforts and continue. Later, after about 5 years, such a strong vision was established that BUETEC BRODERIE will be an engine of textile development in Cameroon, and that it was worth holding on despite all the unseemly related to it. High indebtedness to the bank since 2006 remains a challenge. I did not always have a qualified financial advisor, which had a very negative impact on our financial situation. says Bettina GUEMTO-MICHAELIS.
In fact, since 2017, the company has undergone a restructuring which has led to a focus on a single site for better performance and better customer service. Despite these difficulties, Bettina GUEMTO-MICHAELIS remains hopeful. Its vision in 2019 will bring the motivation of Top Management to the production teams in order to achieve a 10% increase in efficiencies in a permanent way from March 2019.
Her advice to women
"You have to love what you want to do in order to have a long time. You have to have a good vision to go, and a relevant and correct business plan. Have a good financial advisor. Don't make important decisions under stress. »
With #Dirigeantes, women count and will always count beyond March 08
Long live Female Management