The Corona Virus Crisis

How do we help in Cameroon and around the world?
During this unprecedented global crisis, we are using creativity, collaboration and hard work to help stop the spread of corona virus and keep our community healthy.

Here is the latest and most important information about our efforts and our company.

La lutte contre la covid se poursuit...

Let's not let our guard down!

LETS'move forward!!!

Let's look forward, together and with faith. .


Let's protect ourselves and others. Together we can!

Protégeons notre communnauté

Following the massive demand since yesterday afternoon, we decided to triple our capacity as of monday. The capacity of 1,000 pcs/dr initially planned will rise to 3,000 pcs/jr. Right now our teams are in the kitchen to prepare what is needed. We pray that these efforts will help protect more people and contribute effectively to the fight against this pandemic. Many thanks to our medical staff who work hard to protect us.

Reflection on Made-In-Cameroon

Reflection on Made-In-Cameroon

So much talent among our Cameroonian designers!!! 🤩🤩Why, then, can no #madeincameroon clothing brand manage to establish itself on the national market or international? 🤔
N'konen; Africa Home – Cameroon; Noirata; Kweni_clothing; Enjoy Yourself; I am'"; Koas Cameroon; WAX Justabi; Vanessa's creations – VanAfro; IDIBA; Ethnicgeneration; Per-Aa; Maryel couture; Mbokogangofficial;; ANOFEL WEAR

just to name a few…

About Tadjal

About Tadjal

An industrial textile company recognized in Cameroon and the sub-region for its quality work, BUETEC is at your service for all your needs of Confection, Embroidery or Screen printing. Since 2019 we have also been making the Afritude TADJAL brand available to you. BUETEC is also a family business founded in 1998 and now run by the second generation. We place a point of honor on the spirit of service, integrity and humility towards our customers and partners and within our team. Thank you for your faithful support for over 20 years. It is thanks to each of you that we remain at the service of Cameroon and the World.