our story

Our adventure begins in 1998. 


Chain production of barrier masks, medical gowns. Making NA’E’s Afriktude outfits: https://www.instagram.com/nae_by_africa/


Arrival of the second generation. TADJAL Afriktudes outfits: https://www.facebook.com/tadjalfashion/


KAIZEN project pilot plant in Cameroon


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Certified ISO 9001 and leader throughout Central Africa in the chain production of 100% cotton polo shirts and t-shirts.


ISO 14001 Certified


The small shop becomes BUETEC BRODERIE an embroidery company. The couple starts with a machine. As a market leader in Central Africa, the business will grow very quickly. This machine will be replaced by 5 others. Embroidered towels, BUETEC BRODERIE will move on to the making of work clothes, school outfits, caps, advertising aprons, conference bags, towels and linens of hotels, t-shirts, polo shirts 100% cotton. All these items are produced on site according to international methods and standards. BUETEC BRODERIE will also do the marking in industrial embroidery, as well as silkscreen printing.


François Guemto and his wife Bettina create a small shop specializing in printing copies.

Vision 2030

Dress all Cameroonians with quality made-in-Cameroon clothing.


Produce quality clothing.

Generating jobs.

Participate in Cameroon’s sustainable development.


The spirit of service to our customers, partners, colleagues and the whole company. Service is the answer to the talents entrusted to us, the expression of love.

Integrity May all that is true,…, just,…, virtuous and worthy of praise be the object of your thoughts (Philippians 4.6-9), our words and deeds too.

Humility allows us to communicate in an open and pleasant way. We recognize our imperfections and work tirelessly to improve the quality of our service and products.